A Closer Look at Identity Theft

This is a form of theft where a person steals the identity of someone and tries to pretend that they are someone else. It’s very common and it can be stopped using online computer security. Certain laws exist to protect the public. Identity theft is a serious case and is illegal. A person who is caught impersonating someone else can be imprisoned for very many years.

Facts About This Form of Theft

  • People try to impersonate other people so as to gain access to some resources.
  • If one is held responsible for the perpetrator’s actions, he or she can face serious charges.
  • It normally takes place when one gains access to other person credit cards, important information such as social security number (SSN) or even their name without permission.
  • It is very hard for victims to know whether their personal information was obtained by another person.
  • Research shows that the chances of one becoming a victim of this type of theft is about 2%.
  • Some go as far as hacking credit cards to obtain information illegally which is termed as a cyber crime. Online computer security ensures that you’re not a victim of such predicaments.DIFFERENT TYPES
  • There are various types of this form of theft in the world.
  • Financial theft where one uses another person’s identity to falsely obtain services, goods and credit.
  • Criminal theft involves a person who poses as another person to take a fall for a crime they never committed.
  • Medical identity theft involves a person who uses another person’s identity with the aim of obtaining drugs or medical care.
  • The next type is identity cloning which involves a person who uses another person’s information to try and assume their identity in daily life.
  • Child theft involves illegal immigration of children. Those caught in the offense normally face serious charges and imprisonment for many years.

The last type is synthetic theft which is very common today. It normally involves fabricated identities which makes it very difficult to track such criminals.

Techniques Used To Exploit Personal Information

  • Use of public records to get information about all citizens and innocent individuals.
  • Skimming of information from credit cards by use of card readers.
  • There have been many cases of stealing of credit cards which is normally related to this type of theft.
  • Use of redundant storage media and IT equipment to retrieve personal information.
  • Some even engage themselves in odd practices like dumpster diving.
  • Question schemes are also used by some people with Ill motives.
  • Some even steal personal information from computers by using malwares.
  • ¬†Observation of users typing their passwords, credit card numbers and very important credentials.
  • Using some credit card readers to acquire very important data wirelessly.
  • Hacking of computer softwares ,systems and networks to try and obtain personal data.
  • Some advertisements like job offers can also be used.
  • Some organizations which store valuable personal information can also be infiltrated.
  • Some social network websites can also be used to acquire some personal details of various users.Over the years, online computer security has been used by many people to try and curb this vice.