Proving Infidelity Requires a Skilled Private Investigator

infidelity-investigations-cheating-spouseHave you ever thought about how intricately your security is woven into the relationships you have with friends and family? Your friends are usually the first line of defence when daily problems arise, but there is no substitute for the loyalty of your special someone.

In life’s biggest storms, falling into the unquestionable security of the loyalty and trust you share with your significant other can very often dictate how the storm ends.

We have all walked alongside friends who lived through the ultimate betrayal. It’s not pretty. Smudged mascara, baggy eyes, and intravenous coffee supplies may define these periods, but the hurt and betrayal cut deep, and their hearts get scarred. Even so, life eventually goes on…

“Why me?”

That is, until the day that your own instinct warns you that there may be trouble in your own paradise. Perhaps you push it aside with no small measure of guilt at even suspecting your husband of cheating, because “he would never do that!” The calls he takes outside are just his way of being considerate so the rest of the family won’t be subjected to long, drawn out work-related conversations; and those unreasonably late nights the company has been requiring of him recently are just another example of his unfailing commitment to you.


Still, the prickles persist and grow into an uneasy feeling that there might be more going on.

Suspicion can consume you like a wildfire in a winter field – you can’t put it out. Especially when his habits are changing and the cracks between you are escalating into crevices. So you gather your courage and ask him outright – that’s the most logical thing to do. Only, his angry, defensive denials fuel that wildfire even more, as you wrestle feelings of guilt at even suspecting him, and growing conviction that he is lying. You could talk to your girlfriends or you mom, but the shame of the women who walked this treacherous road before you is still fresh in your mind. Besides, you love him and you don’t want them thinking the worst of him. No one can help you.


Reality check.

Did you know that around 50% of all other married women in the USA feel the same ways as you do? It is estimated that between 30% and 60% of married people in the USA cheat on their spouses, and men are twice as likely to be unfaithful. Are you still feeling alone? Concrete statistics are hard to establish because infidelity is either never discussed, or worse, never discovered. The same applies to the estimated 2-3% of children conceived during acts of infidelity – they are often raised in secret, in the confines of existing marriages.

You may not be able to establish the truth, but an unfaithful husband will leave clues that a skilled private investigator can find. Private investigators are state-licensed to gather information. They have certain legal access that you would never be able to touch, or even find. They can also testify in court should the situation require it. They are specially trained to find the truth and their skills far outweigh the abilities of even the most devoted girlfriends hell-bent on avenging their wronged friends! If your husband is lying, a professional PI will find out how, where, when, why and most importantly, with who.

Most unfaithful husbands claim they were sexually unsatisfied, while unfaithful women mostly say they were motivated by unmet emotional needs. In light of this, women are often far more emotionally invested in their relationships and this can be a massive disadvantage when searching for the truth. PI’s are not emotionally involved in your quest for the truth and this objectivity is crucial. Of course, the services of PI’s cost money, but chances are an affair is adversely affecting the family income anyway. Besides, how much does truth cost?


So if your gut feeling is telling you that your husband is being unfaithful, chances are there is some truth in it. A PI can unlock secrets your unfaithful husband knows you never can on your own. So wash your face, apply some fresh mascara and straighten your crown – it’s time to get the truth.